Some of you could have noticed that we recently started to organize small techno gigs in South of France, and more precisely in Aix en Provence…

The W.T concept (read What the Fuck Techno) takes place in the bar “Le Brigand”, 17 Place Richelme and is just about playing techno. The first night was organized on the 11th of April, while a big storm stroke the city, with Matthias Torm, producer of the amazing “Elliptical EP“, and his good friend DJ Nabo from “Chantier Mobile Unity“.


Thanks to their efficient 4h techno DJ set, Le Brigand invited us to come again on the 27th of April for a new techno night, from 22h to 2h. Obviously, we are expected YOU (fans and followers) to come to see us there and make techno great again !

Hopefully the W.T nights will take place soon in different places, in order to allow to show you what techno sounds like !


Big night at Le Brigand on the 27th. Amazing techno sets by Matthias Torm and DJ Nabo with happy people and friendly bar team. We hope to come again to rock that place  !


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